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Wrong Planchet Strikes found in circulation on the new Multi-Ply Plated
Steel planchets produced by the Royal Canadian Mint for foreign countries.

Canada 25 Cents - 2011
Struck on a planchet intended
for a Philippine 1 Piso

Philippine 1 Piso - 2011
Struck by the Royal Canadian Mint

Comparison of Thickness

Composition - Nickel Plated Steel
Weight - 5.40 gm - Diameter - 23.85 mm
Thickness - 1.86 mm

Composition: Nickel Plated Steel
Weight: 5.40 gm - Diameter: 23.95 mm
Thickness: 1.81 mm

The image above is a comparison of the 25 cents struck on the Philippine 1 Piso planchet that is 1.86 mm thick, on top, with a regular 25 cents with the thickness of 1.52 mm. on the bottom.

*Estimated value $300.00

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The thickness of reeding incused on a collar is typically 2 - 3 times the intended thickness imparted on the edge of the coin.

Canada 10 Cents - 2007
Struck on a planchet intended
for a Ghana 5 Pesewas

Ghana 5 Pesewas - 2007
Struck by the Royal Canadian Mint

Comparison of Thickness

Composition: Nickel Plated Steel
Weight: 2.54 gm - Diameter: 18.02 mm 
Thickness: 1.64 mm

Composition: Nickel Plated Steel
Weight: 2.52 gm -  Diameter: 17.98 mm 
Thickness: 1.51 mm

The image above is a comparison of the 10 cents struck on the Ghana 5 Pesewas planchet that is 1.64 mm thick, on top, with a regular 10 cents with the thickness of 1.24 mm. on the bottom.


*Estimated value $250.00


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 Recent error coins found in circulation in Canada-

2011 Two Dollar
20% Off Centre with a Straight Edge Clip

This coin was received as a gratuity by a hairstylist in Calgary, Alberta. 
*Estimated value $1,200.00

A very rare occurrence to have either an off centre or a straight clip on any coin. This 2 Dollar coin has two separate types of errors and regarded as a multiple error. The Straight Edge Clip in this case is an error made in the creation of the ring. The ring appears to be punched from a cut end of the strip of metal rings are punched from. Then it was struck as a coin, off centre to the dies and collar.

It is possible that the orientation of the "clip" at 12 o'clock position, along with the off centre strike, caused this coin to be struck in a condition more likely to pass inspection. It is rounder than if it was struck in the collar with this size of clip. Without this size of a clip at that position and as an off centre alone, it would have been a more readily screened. Coins in Canada have traditional had the planchet pushed in to collar from the 12 o'clock position. In my opinion, this is why it was pushed short of the collar.

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2006 Two Dollar - 15% Off Centre
This coin was also found in circulation in Calgary, Alberta.

*Estimated value $500.00

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2006 One Dollar
Struck on a Planchet intended for a Twenty-Five Cent coin.

4.6 Grams - Nickel Plated Steel 
This coin was found in change received at a
fund raiser in Fredericton, New Brunswick.
*Estimated value $900.00

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Information and Images of Canadian Error Coins

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