Welcome to CoinScan!


Welcome to CoinScan, the future of cryptocurrency analytics

The project has come a long way since its original inception on March 3, 2022, and the team is excited to have brought it to the level where it can enable our users to upgrade their cryptocurrency endeavors while remaining safe in the space. This article will provide a deep dive into the project as a whole, and its key applications. However, for the most comprehensive look at the suite of features available on CoinScan you can take a look at our whitepaper here.

What is CoinScan?

CoinScan is a protective solution that helps level the playing field for users. It is well known that during the past few years the space has been infected with scams, unfair advantages, exploits, and other malicious actions with the intent to siphon funds from new or unsuspecting individuals. As a team experienced in both cryptocurrency and the high-tech world, we have made it our mission to remedy that by providing a more equal, safe, and opportunistic environment for all. CoinScan is the culmination of that ideation, comprising the most advanced cryptocurrency charting platform ever conceived, supporting over 20 international currencies with the vision to innovate, educate, and elevate the decentralized finance community. 

Alongside having a fully doxxed team that forms one of the most veteran and technologically skilled in the field, has already pushed the envelope to become the only platform that is truly as unique, authentic, and revolutionary as it has been touted to be. 


$SCAN Token

We wanted to reward our supporters, which is why when you buy $1000 of $SCAN token, you will become a premium member and gain instant access to the comprehensive suite of valuable features that we offer. Our proprietary technology also ensures that even though the price of $SCAN may fluctuate, your entry price will be perpetually remembered, meaning that you will always have access to the premium features for the entirety of your holding position.

What is included in premium CoinScan membership:

  • Live safety checks on-site
  • Holder analysis tool
  • Airdrop Analysis tool
  • Pending Developer Transactions
  • Pending buys and sells
  • Access to all upcoming tools

In addition to the above tools, our premium members will have the ability to participate in our CoinScan DAO, allowing them to vote on a variety of team and community proposals, meaning they have both a voice and a say in the future direction of the project. Of course we want to change the space for all, so some core features are available to everyone, regardless of whether they have a premium membership or not. Below expands on the key applications of the platform as well as differences between the available levels, so potential premium members can weigh up the benefits of both options:


Group 48241.jpg

The CoinScan safety checks allow you to see the primary red-flag metrics that individuals typically look for in one spot – all updated in real time. From honeypot status, token taxes, contract renounce status, and liquidity lock status, users will be able to feel confident in their cryptocurrency choices, for free. 

Of course we do understand that seasoned crypto enthusiasts will be able to locate most of these metrics independently of CoinScan, but the immediacy and ease of access mean it not only saves precious time – which is key in new opportunities – but also can provide measurements that might not be readily accessible elsewhere. The tool’s easy and intuitive display means that these same options will be easy to see and understand by those just setting out on their crypto career, leading to less costly mistakes early on. Simply put, the platform safety check system benefits all, and there has never been a simpler or more comprehensive way to evaluate the legitimacy of a project. 


CoinScan’s Developer Transactions Tool is a gamechanger for all cryptocurrency users, enabling anyone (regardless of their skill level) to clearly see and identify what token developers are doing behind the scenes in real-time. This is possible by providing a live feed of all functions called on a smart contract, telling everyone when a token performs key functions, such as

  • Locks liquidity
  • Changes taxes
  • Changes max wallet/ max transaction
  • Removes liquidity
  • Any other major functions that can be called by a contract

All of this information is imperative to ensuring the safety of a potential opportunity, especially when a user searches for newly minted tokens. Many disingenuous developers in the space rely on unsuspecting individuals not identifying key elements such as being unable to sell or having liquidity drained (rugpull) – and the inexperienced are the most disadvantaged when it comes to navigating the varied plethora of cryptocurrency scams. Utilizing fast, effective, and powerful tools is what helps level the playing field for these users to help them stay safe and competitive. Furthermore, CoinScan is able to provide these crucial updates as soon as they are queued by the developer, creating the first platform to ever show “Pending” transactions in real-time, and giving users the resources they need to either escape or avoid malicious tokens and protect their capital. 


Our Holder Analytics Tool allows users to quickly view token distribution per wallet in real-time, as well as sort through different tiers depending on the percentage of the supply held, with a visual prompt for simple identification. (Krakens for example, hold the largest percentage of circulating supply, and these then descend in identifiers all the way to shrimp). Beyond this convenient visual aid, individuals can:

  • See how much each holder bought their tokens for
  • View how much each holder has sold, and for what value
  • Analyze how many tokens an individual is still holding as a value percentage

With our Holders Tool, users will save themselves large amounts of time and stress in comparison to scanning for and collecting the same information on other platforms. 

Airdrop Feed.png

CoinScan’s Airdrop Analytics Tool allows for unprecedented insights into exactly how airdropped wallets are behaving. Not only are users able to easily identify which wallets have received airdrops for the token in question, but they will be able to see the volume of tokens that were airdropped both pre and post launch. Alongside all these helpful statistics, premium users will also be able to deduce: 

  • When an airdrop recipient received their airdrop
  • How much the airdrop was worth at the time of receiving
  • How much the airdrop is currently worth
  • Airdrop amount in tokens and in USD
  • Amount of airdrop sold, as well as amount currently being held.

While we acknowledge that this data is accessible by scouring Etherscan, it presents an extremely inefficient use of time and resources, and is complex enough to even cause experienced traders to run into issues and roadblocks. With features such as the Airdrop Analytics Tool, everything an individual needs to identify airdrop behavior is presented in one simple place for ease of use. It is CoinScan’s aim through tools such as these to force developer transparency in the areas it is needed most, while enabling traders to become as efficient and profitable as possible. 

Pending TXNS 2.png

Possibly one of the most advantageous features we offer CoinScan premium users is the ability to see pending buys and sells, allowing users to gauge price action before it even occurs. Users will also be able to see all transitions in real-time as the transaction goes from pending to completed. (There will also be an indication if the transaction failed). Those who understand pending transactions and displayed GWEI values can easily become skilled at placing their desired transaction at the perfect time for maximum efficiency - such as selling just before a large wallet sells their tokens, or at the earliest point of a clear reversal, (presented by pending buys incoming after a large dip).

  • Pending transactions including buys and sells (Within 0.01ms of being queued)
  • Pending transaction GWEI details (Gas limit)
  • Price of tokens bought (Shown as limit order)
  • Type of transaction (Mev bot, smart contract, router sell)
  • Transaction maker history (Wallet specific buy and sell history)

With such a comprehensive suite of tools to assist users, regardless of their experience or cryptocurrency knowledge, we were confident of our success, but were still humbled by the outpouring of praise and support from the cryptocurrency community, as well as direct endorsements from respected companies such as ExpressVPN. We have also been featured in multiple major news outlets, and had several key influencers in the space openly promote the virtues of our project. While the above represent our key suite of current features, we are far from complete, and have a number of new and upcoming applications to deploy on our mission to become the de facto cryptocurrency charting platform. For full details on tools yet to release, any potential user is welcome to check out the full roadmap in our comprehensive whitepaper. Alternatively they are welcome to ask questions on our active and friendly social community platforms (such as Telegram, Discord, Facebook and Reddit), where everyone is part of the #SCANFAM. 

Let’s make the crypto space safe and profitable, together.