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Safety is in our code

The $SCAN token has a fully audited contract, Skynet 24/7 on-chain monitoring, and a KYC badge with Certik - the leading industry verification company!


  • Contract audited by Certik
  • Gold standard KYC badge
  • Skynet 24/7 on-chain monitoring
  • Controlled by a Multi-Signature Wallet


  • Main team members accessible in Telegram group daily
  • Platform built around transparency, integrity, and safety
  • Daily community updates


  • Fastest analytics available
  • Mempool technology
  • PC and Mobile optimized
  • Unparalleled precision

Pending Buys and Sells

CoinScan premium members get access to pending transactions in the buy and sell feed on any token!

Developer Transactions

Our developer wallet tracker is connected directly to the mempool and shows you all transactions made by the token developer in real time, within milliseconds.

We effectively give users a real-time feed of what token developers are doing behind the scenes, with a .01MS delay in an effort to help you vet tokens and avoid scams.

Holders Analysis

Say goodbye to late nights manually combing through blockchain explorers like Etherscan. We've made analyzing holder data effortless.

Find out if a token is well distributed with just a glance. Dive deeper only when it's worth your time, all inside of CoinScan.

Social Analytics

Assess a token’s community through our social analytics tab!


Our revolutionary airdrop tracker shows you which wallets have been airdropped, how many tokens were airdropped to those wallets, when they were airdropped, and how much of the airdropped holdings have been sold.

Premium Features

Pending Buys and Sells

$SCAN is your key to unleash the power of CoinScan’s all in one trading suite

Find out why crypto loves us

SCAN is always looking at ways to improve the experience and usability of crypto.
See the many benefits of holding $SCAN and being a premium user!

Access Private
Discussion Groups

Premium members will be able to chat exclusively to one another and the CoinScan team on private discussion groups. Discuss tips, tricks, strategies, and more, so you can grow your abilities and network simultaneously!

Access to revolutionary tools

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See What the Difference Is
  • Mempool technology charts
  • Monitor developer transactions in real time
  • Auto refreshing honey pot status
  • Auto refreshing taxes
  • Displaying audits with links
  • Liquidity lock and duration display
  • Presale detection
  • Real time buys & sells
  • Holders distribution tool

CoinScan Premium

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