Aethir Network: Token Price, Launch Date, Token and Tokenomics

Looking for Aethir Network Token Price?

Aethir Network is setting the stage for an innovative leap in decentralized cloud infrastructure, with its native token, $ATH, playing a central role. Although specific pricing details for the $ATH token are yet to be publicly released, anticipation is high given Aethir's promising features and upcoming node sale. As an enterprise-grade, AI and Gaming-focused GPU-as-a-service provider, Aethir is attracting significant attention for its sophisticated use of NVIDIA's H100 chips and its strong ties with major gaming and telecom giants.

Aethir Network Token Model

$ATH, the native token of Aethir Network, is designed to incentivize and reward node providers and checkers in the decentralized cloud infrastructure. With 100,000 nodes set for sale and a tiered pricing system, the network offers substantial earning potential for participants. The tokenomics of Aethir ensures that up to 15% of the total supply is earmarked for checker Node Operators over four years, highlighting the value and importance of active participation in the network's ecosystem.

What is Aethir Network?

Aethir Network pioneers in decentralized GPU cloud infrastructure, focusing on AI and gaming applications. It facilitates a marketplace where GPU providers can offer their computational power to clients requiring high-end AI/ML processing capabilities. Aethir's decentralized approach is not just about technology but also about creating a community-driven ecosystem that offers fair and equal opportunities to earn rewards and contribute to the network's growth and security.

How does Aethir Network Work?

At its core, Aethir Network is about decentralization and community ownership. Starting with Checker Nodes, the network allows users to operate nodes that validate the computational power and service quality within the ecosystem. These nodes are crucial in ensuring the integrity and efficiency of Aethir's infrastructure, providing a decentralized and reliable service for AI computations and cloud gaming.


While specific promotions like airdrops are yet to be announced, the Node Sale event presents a significant opportunity for early adopters and the Aethir community.

The sale allows participants to be integral to the network's operational success and also opens doors to potential future benefits and rewards within the Aethir ecosystem.


Aethir's strategic alliances with top-tier gaming and telecom companies underscore its strong foundation and readiness to serve a broad market. These partnerships, along with integration into the Arbitrum ecosystem, fortifes Aethir’s position as a leading player in decentralized cloud computing and AI processing.

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