CoinScan FAQ

What chains do you support?

CoinScan supports 48 chains and we are adding new additions constantly! If you’re analyzing a token on DeFi, you can be almost certain that we support the chain it’s on.

How can I update my project's information?

All projects can update their information free of charge by emailing [email protected] with any information updates requested, as well as verification of association with said project.

I found a bug, Where can I report it?

Thankfully, our dev team consists of expert exterminators! If you’ve found a bug, please provide us with all the information you possibly can (Links, Images, Etc) and email us at [email protected] or by Discord here

How do tokens become trending?

CoinScan uses an entirely proprietary algorithm to detect which tokens could be considered trending. Spanning dozens of Blockchains, you can be sure that our trending algorithm is unbiased and encompasses your favorite chain!

Where can I find the CoinScan community?

Join the CoinScan community and converse with other like-minded traders in our discord!

Where can I learn more about crypto and DeFi?

CoinScan offers a blog, crypto glossary, and plenty of YouTube videos designed to turn the crypto-curious into crypto experts!

What are Pending Transactions?

Pending transactions are transactions on the blockchain that are yet to be confirmed, or ‘finished’. All transactions sent on a blockchain are a pending transaction at some point, and the time that a transaction can be pending varies greatly on the blockchain.

Do I need to connect my wallet to use CoinScan?

While you can indeed connect your wallet to use the in-window swap on CoinScan, you do not have to connect your wallet to access any other features.

Does CoinScan support other languages besides English?

Yes, CoinScan supports 18 different languages!

Are there any features on CoinScan that require payment to access?

Nope, CoinScan is 100% free!

What features does CoinScan have?

CoinScan is home to many innovative features such as pending transactions, holder analytics, airdrop analytics, live developer transactions, token safety checks, and much, much more.

Where can I find the CoinScan socials?

Find all of CoinScan’s social profiles here.