CoinScan FAQ

You will be required to hold $1,000 worth of tokens in order to access CoinScan premium.

No! CoinScan’s proprietary technology will remember the price of tokens and value paid to ensure that a $1000 purchase grants you premium at all times.

Pending transactions will be highlighted in yellow to distinguish them from confirmed transactions. Please be aware that pending transactions sometimes show ETH limit values (maximum amount of ETH user is willing to spend for 'x' amount of tokens). You may see large pending ETH buys but it is important to look at the token quantity they are purchasing to know how much is acutally going to be confirmed by the blockchain.

Aside from holding tokens to access premium, we plan to make the website one of the most visited and most useful websites in all of DEFI. This alone will continue to ensure new users enter our community and buy the tokens to use the tool. SCAN will be your access to all future tools and services as well.

Free users will have access to some of the most important features we offer, such as the 15 second charts, favorites, live developer transaction feed, live status honey pot indicator, and several other core features. We want to make even the free version of our utility the best in the industry. The premium veatures will include amazing utilities such as the pending transactions, live telegram and twitter feeds, access to holder and airdrop tools, SMS updates, and many more features.

The premium features hub will be located directly on the left next to the charts. You will have individual tabs that allow you switch seemlessly between all the features in one space.

CoinScan is available on Uniswap, you can purchase it directly on <a href="" target="_blank" style="color:var(--links-color);text-decoration:underline;">Uniswap Interface</a>

Because of our core technology and direct connection to the blockchain, we will automatically be creating pages for every single token that is ever created and launched on that specific blockchain! If you wish however to get listed on a banner or promotion, please visit our promotional page or contact us here: