2023-01-20 - v1.4.518
  • Improved all components in main page to update in real time (trending, biggest gainers, recently added)
  • Fixed an error with contract owner not getting updated live
  • Fixed metrics not getting updated sometimes
  • Fixed candles in TradingView graph sometimes not loading
  • Fixed graph sometimes having a different color than the theme
  • Minor UI adjustments
2022-12-23 - v1.4.464
  • Added the ability to display marks on charts when trades are clicked. Multiple trades can be selected.
  • Modified etherscan social to link to the token page instead of the address.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect ownership updates, which sometimes resulted in developer transactions not functioning properly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the buy/sell tax to sometimes display a negative value.
  • Fixed an error causing incorrect supply values to be displayed during holders updates, resulting in an incorrect market cap calculation.
  • Fixed a telegram error sometimes not loading.
2022-12-21 - v1.4.446
  • Added real-time pending developer transactions
  • Added real-time airdrop tracking
  • Added trending, biggest gainers, and recently added to the home page.
  • Added global crypto market indicators to the home page.
  • Added market cap column and sort options to favorites.
  • Added show all markets, you can now view all the DEX and CEX a token is traded on.
  • Added a careers page, see our open positions and apply to join the team :).
  • Added chart state - your technical analysis is now being saved for tokens.
  • Added a scroll back to the top button.
  • Added multiple UI/UX elements!
  • Modified articles page view
  • Modified blog page view
  • Modified ownership logic completely to show more reliable ownership data (current and creator)
  • Modified notifications to support real-time notification (sidebar features)
  • Modified holders logic completely to show more reliable data
  • Modified dark and white versions of colors
  • Modified and resized some of the feature elements
  • Fixed minor stability issues
  • Fixed multiple values not being updated in real-time
  • Fixed an iOS bug with a copy to clipboard feature
  • Fixed all transactions maker sometimes showing wrong maker address
2022-11-09 - v1.3.254
  • Added a 'Copy image to clipboard' button that copies the current coin stats to clipboard as an image
  • Added markets, view token latest market rates and exchanges (CEX and DEX)
  • Added more pairs, click the Pairs button to view other pairs of the token
  • Added notifications to tabs (favorites, holders, etc...) that pops on changes
  • Added market pairs
  • Improved site tour
  • Improved UI in overview tab
  • Fixed airdrops showing failed transactions as airdrops
  • Fixed airdrops missing duplicate addresses in the same airdrop
  • Fixed multiple formatting issues
  • Fixed main page search sometimes leading to recent searches instead
2022-10-30 - v1.2.199
  • Added a product tour for desktop users
  • Fixed a bug with cookies for iOS users
  • Fixed an issue with airdrops data
2022-10-24 - v1.2.185
  • Added missing icons for tokens
  • Fixed multiple text alignments
  • Fixed pending transaction showing the opposite type
  • Fixed chart outliers and live candles
  • Fixed a small tooltip bug
  • Fixed total ETH value showing different values
  • Fixed pooled data not being updated
  • Improved Telegram integration
  • Improved favorites update speed
2022-10-03 - v1.2.118
  • Updated our dark theme design
  • Updated why-scan page
  • Fixed a random app crash when entering big numbers in converter
  • Fixed multiple typos
  • Fixed mobile version price discrepancy
  • Fixed convertor showing wrong values
  • Fixed holders not showing latest data
  • Fixed total ETH value
2022-09-30 - v1.2.105
  • Added custom sort and search for aidrops and holders tabs
  • Added token address access from URL (<tokenAddress>)
  • Fixed data not updating in real-time
  • Added an etherscan token link in socials
  • Added a new landing page
  • Added multiple burn addresses to get the exact burned amount
  • Added a custom 404 page
  • Massive improvement to pending transactions reliablity
  • Changed our TradingView graph to use a new number formatter and font size
  • Changed number component 0's are now represented as a number
  • Changed font to Roboto
  • Fixed multiple telegram issues
  • Fixed multiple UI/UX colors and errors
  • Fixed an issue with 24h/12h/1h info
  • Fixed multiple issues with number formatting
  • Fixed multiple text errors in mobile version
  • Fixed trade history showing wrong transactions order
2022-09-01 - v1.1.205
  • Added a beta version of our live Telegram integration.
  • Added a beta version of pending transcations - view transacations as they enter the Ethereum mempool
  • You can now access a token through the pair address. (<pairAddress>)
  • Holders now returns a total count of each holder type
  • All data is now updated real-time in the upper section
  • Added a gas tooltip to view Fast, Proposed and Slow gas amounts.
  • Circulating and Total supply fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the base token was not shown properly for new tokens
  • Favorites data now constantly updates
  • Fixed multiple font issues
  • Improved TradingView graph
  • Small change to trending pairs
  • Trade History improvements
  • Multiple SEO improvements
  • Improved search and added price parameters
  • Holders types (Sharks, Krakens) are now fully working!
  • Fixed multiple errors
  • Fixed market cap not showing properly (Mobile)
  • Fixed tabs error (Mobile)
  • Enabled telegram (Mobile)
2022-08-19 - v1.0.94
  • Fixed holders and developer transactions not returning in some cases.
  • Fixed multiple alt tags for social icons
  • Fixed chart sometimes not showing data
  • Changed price change behavior
  • Volume is now showing properly
  • Changed website font
  • Market Cap and FD Market Cap showing properly everywhere
  • Fixed the issue where you could not find new tokens
2022-08-15 - v1.0.93
  • Candles now start from the creation time of the token
  • Multiple UI fixes
  • Graph is now fully supporting 1 Day interval
  • Added 24 Hours volume
2022-08-11 - v1.0.92
  • Major stability improvements
  • Keyboard popup is now working in iOS
  • Added notification circle on updates for all features
  • Improved chart resizing for mobile
  • Minor UI & Design improvements
  • Fixed Android and iOS crashes when searching a token
2022-08-08 - v1.0.90
  • Added support for tokens with special characters in their name
  • Added sorting for the Airdrops / Holders / Dev tx's tabs
  • Added live ETH, gas and trending tokens bar
  • Improved buy and sell feed performance on the mobile version
  • Small UI changes
  • Fixed some general crashes and errors
  • Fixed buy and sell feed showing wrong type
  • Fixed developer transaction showing wrong columns
  • Fixed FAQ on Safari
  • Fixed newsletter signup bug
  • Fixed percentage showing wrong value in Airdrops and Holders tabs
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't access different pairs for the same token
  • Fixed favorites bug where a token you are watching won't stop to pop
  • Fixed the 'Unkown' function in the developer transaction tool
  • Added chart resizing support for mobile