AGI (formerly BP-FLAC): Token Price, Launch Date, Token and Tesnet Campaign Guide

Looking for AGI (formerly BP-FLAC) Token Price?

AGI (formerly BP-FLAC), the innovative generative AI EVM Layer-1 public chain, is gaining attention for its promising potential and upcoming developments. While the exact AGI (formerly BP-FLAC) token price has not been disclosed, the excitement around its launch and unique features like the A100 GPU on-chain integration and the Chip RWA Standard indicates a promising valuation.

AGI (formerly BP-FLAC) Model

AGI (formerly BP-FLAC) stands as a pioneering force in combining generative AI with blockchain technology, setting new standards with its zk (zero-knowledge) algorithm optimization and CUDA integration. The project aims to meet the AI service needs of 200 million users, establishing itself as a leader in blockchain AI under the vision of CEO Alexandrine.

What is AGI (formerly BP-FLAC)?

AGI (formerly BP-FLAC) is designed as the first generative AI EVM Layer-1 public chain that aggregates infinite computing power. It addresses AI privacy concerns and optimizes processing with high-end A100 GPUs, ensuring network stability and setting new benchmarks in tokenization standards through its Chip RWA Standard.

How does AGI (formerly BP-FLAC) work?

AGI (formerly BP-FLAC) has launched a side PoW chain called Eon, focusing on the global aggregation of computational power, integrating consumer-grade chips, and supporting the Bitcoin ecosystem as a future Layer 2 solution. Eon's unique features include a limited token supply with a 20-year mining period, and it plays a significant role in enhancing decentralization and reducing entry barriers.


The WOD Faucet campaign introduces users to AGI’s test net, Forgenet Faucet, allowing everyone to claim $WOD tokens at no cost. This promotion serves as a direct engagement avenue, offering hands-on experience with AGI's ecosystem.

To claim $WOD tokens, users need to take a few straightforward steps:

  • Connect your wallet—Metamask or Token Pocket are recommended

  • Become part of the community by following @wod_global on Twitter.

  • Join AGI Discord.

You can claim tokens once every 24 hours, offering a more opportunities to enhance your holdings.


Details about specific partnerships are yet to be disclosed, but the integration with significant blockchain and AI sectors indicates that AGI (formerly BP-FLAC) is set for strategic collaborations to leverage and enhance its technological advancements.

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