Avantis Launches with $5.5B Volume & Industry-First Loss Protection

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In a groundbreaking move that has sent ripples across the crypto sphere, Avantis, the avant-garde decentralized exchange (DEX), has officially launched on the Base mainnet. This two-month testnet phase showcased Avantis's prowess, with a staggering $5.5 billion in trading volume, facilitated by over 400,000 trades from a community of 50,000 on-chain traders. The platform also boasted a substantial $120 million total value locked (TVL), underlining the fervor surrounding its unveiling.

Industry-First Innovations and Robust Partnerships

Avantis's testnet performance is not just about numbers; it's about innovations that set the exchange apart. The introduction of an industry-first Loss Protection mechanism generated $450,000 in cumulative rebates for 20,500 trades during testing. This novel mechanism offers rebates on contrarian trades, a move that brings a refreshing approach to risk management in the crypto space.

The platform's robust risk management strategies were further fortified through partnerships with Chaos Labs, and independent audits by Zellic and Zokyo. These alliances serve as a testament to Avantis's commitment to ensuring platform security and economic sustainability, providing users with a secure and reliable trading environment.

Key Features that Redefine Trading

Avantis emerges with a set of key features that promise to redefine the trading landscape. Traders can now execute leveraged trades with up to 75x leverage across various crypto, forex, and commodity assets. The platform allows users to fine-tune their risk-reward preferences, offering tailored risk profiles for both traders and liquidity providers.

At launch, Avantis boasts 22 trading pairs, encouraging users to explore diverse assets. Exciting developments on the horizon include funding rates, one-click trading, gas-sponsored trades, L2 solutions, and the introduction of real-world asset pairs such as crude oil and treasury rates.

The Avantis Edge: Redefining DeFi Market Making

Avantis is not merely a platform; it's a revolution in decentralized finance (DeFi) market making. The exchange empowers liquidity providers (LPs) with advanced tools like risk tranches and time locking, fostering long-term participation and boosting the liquidity flywheel.

Democratizing real-world asset (RWA) adoption is another feather in Avantis's cap. By bridging the gap between traditional financial markets and DeFi, Avantis enables on-chain trading and hedging of forex and commodities without the need for 1:1 tokenization.

Fully Decentralized, Fully Transparent

A standout feature of Avantis is its commitment to full decentralization. All operations, from execution and settlement to liquidations and market-making, occur on-chain. This ensures transparency, trust, and a departure from the centralized models that have long dominated the financial landscape.

Avantis's CEO, Harsehaj Singh, expressed enthusiasm about the platform's beta launch on Base mainnet, highlighting the immense potential for innovation in the perpetual DEX space. The backing of industry leaders like Pantera, Founders Fund, Galaxy Digital, and Base Ecosystem Fund further solidifies Avantis's position as a trailblazer in the decentralized trading arena.

In Conclusion: A New Dawn for On-Chain Trading

As Avantis takes center stage with its official launch on Base mainnet, the crypto community anticipates a new dawn for on-chain trading and the stablecoin economy on Base. The fusion of innovative features, loss protection mechanisms, and strategic partnerships positions Avantis as a force to be reckoned with in the evolving landscape of decentralized finance.

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