Become an early xBlast user & mine FREE XBL Tokens

Looking for the $BLX Token Price?

The BLX token is currently not live but can be mined and traded on their app here. As enthusiasm grows, there's a rising curiosity about the price of the BLX token and the ways to engage, particularly given the token is not live yet. there may be opportunities for early participation or rewards in the future.

What is xBlast?

xBlast is a new web3 decentralized application built on Blast L2 network inside Telegram that promises to be the new gateway to the next-generation web3 ecosystem.

Early adopters are presented with a unique opportunity to claim wXBL, which can be converted to XBL tokens by simply participating in the mining process.

How to Mine wXBL

The mining process starts as soon as you create your account by following these straightforward steps:

  • Launch the XBlast App.

  • Then join the xBlast Telegram group and follow their Twitter account.

  • Complete the Captcha to verify you are human.

  • That’s it, you’ll start mining free wXBL!

Claim wXBL

The period for claiming is set to 1 hour, but by completing daily tasks, you can extend this to a 24-hour claim period, reducing the frequency of claims needed.

The claim function is completely free for now. Enjoy the benefits of being an early user!


With the launch of xBlast, the development team has introduced two new tokens integral to their ecosystem.


At the core of the xBlast is wXBL, the in-app token that drives the ecosystem and user interactions within the platform. Earned via the free app mining, wXBL is the key component powering the xBlast ecosystem. It enables users to explore an array of options such as upgrading spaceships, acquiring boosters, and accessing unique features.

As the DApp offerings expand, wXBL will be crucial in enhancing user engagement and encouraging innovation across the platform.


At the core of the xBlast App's ecosystem lies XBL, its native token, symbolizing decentralization and broadening user access to its platform. 

While XBL is currently not tradable, its expected introduction to the market holds promising prospects for both investors and users, heralding a new era of possibilities, smooth transactions, increased liquidity, and fresh opportunities for expansion.

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