CMCC Global Ignites Asian Crypto Revolution with $100M Fund for Blockchain Startups

In a move that's set to ignite Asia's burgeoning blockchain landscape, Hong Kong-based venture capital juggernaut CMCC Global has just unfurled a dazzling $100 million investment fund. Designed to nurture and bolster the region's pioneering blockchain and cryptocurrency startups, this fund will specifically zero in on the crucial early stages of development, targeting promising projects in the seed and Series A rounds. With a magnifying glass on innovation, CMCC Global's ambitions traverse three compelling sectors: infrastructure, fintech, and consumer applications.

Hong Kong VC Firm and CMCC Global Fuel Asian Crypto Innovation with $100M Fund

Asia is experiencing an exhilarating renaissance in blockchain investment, and the timing couldn't be more electrifying. Hong Kong, in particular, is blazing a trail to cement itself as a mecca for virtual asset trading. The Hong Kong government's allocation of HK$50 million (approximately US$6.4 million) to bolster its local Web3 ecosystem underscores the city's commitment to this cutting-edge realm.

CMCC Global isn't merely surfing the crypto wave; it's shaping it. As one of Asia's trailblazing VC firms, it's among the first to wholeheartedly embrace the blockchain and cryptocurrency universe. With a robust investor network and the backing of Gemini Trust's visionary founders, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, CMCC Global's co-founder, Charlie Morris, is resolute in his excitement about ushering in the next generation of blockchain and crypto startups in Asia.

We firmly believe that Asia is a crucible for blockchain ingenuity, and we're staunchly committed to propelling the region's most promising startups. Our radar is attuned to startups forging the future of blockchain infrastructure, fintech marvels, and consumer-centric innovations.

- Charlie Morris

This milestone heralds a new dawn for the Asian blockchain and crypto industry, bearing witness to the mounting appetite for investment opportunities in the region. VC firms are increasingly recognizing the seismic potential of blockchain to disrupt industries far and wide. Here's a quick rundown of additional fund insights:

  • The fund will be masterminded by Charlie Morris and co-founder David Chen.

  • Startups, from sprouting seeds to Series C champs, are in the fund's crosshairs.

  • A fusion of Chinese and international investors is the fund's target.

  • The fund has already etched its mark with investments in Hong Kong's blockchain infrastructure maverick, Animoca Brands, and Singapore's crypto heavyweight,


With the launch of this dazzling fund, the Asian blockchain and cryptocurrency arena is poised for a meteoric ascent. It signifies the burgeoning interest in the region and underscores blockchain's potential to revolutionize a multitude of industries. Stay tuned as Asia's crypto revolution enters a thrilling new chapter.

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