Crypto Derivatives Exchange OPNX to Shut Down in February

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In a significant development within the crypto space, OPNX, formerly known as Coinflex, has announced its imminent shutdown scheduled for February 2024. This decision comes after the platform underwent a rebranding in March 2023, distancing itself from its association with the founders of the now-bankrupt crypto lender, Three Arrows Capital.

Closure Instructions

The OPNX team has outlined a comprehensive plan for an "orderly closure", urging users to settle all positions by February 7th, 8:00 AM UTC (3:00 AM ET). After this deadline, any remaining open positions will be automatically settled. Furthermore, users are instructed to withdraw funds and export historical data by February 14th. These measures aim to facilitate a smooth transition for users during the cessation of operations.

In a message to its user community, the OPNX team expressed sincere gratitude for the dedication and trust demonstrated by users throughout the platform's existence. The acknowledgment of shared experiences and a forward-looking perspective reflects a positive and appreciative tone, recognizing the impact of the community on OPNX's journey.

Uncertain Closure Reasons

While the official statement provides clear instructions for users, the specific reasons behind OPNX's closure remain unclear. Speculation arises regarding the platform's association with Three Arrows Capital, which filed for bankruptcy in July 2023. Despite multiple requests for comment, the company has yet to respond, leaving users and industry observers with unanswered questions.

This development adds to the ongoing challenges faced by the cryptocurrency industry, particularly affecting derivatives platforms. Increased regulatory scrutiny and market volatility have created a challenging environment for these platforms. OPNX's closure serves as a poignant example of the difficulties faced by entities within the crypto derivatives sector.


As OPNX prepares to cease operations, the cryptocurrency community watches closely, reflecting on the broader implications for the industry. The closure prompts a reassessment of the regulatory landscape and underscores the importance of resilience and adaptability within the dynamic crypto space. While uncertainties surround the reasons for OPNX's shutdown, the industry remains vigilant, navigating challenges and adapting to changes that shape its future.

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