GetGrass: Token Price, Launch Date, Token and Airdrop Guide

Looking for GetGrass Token Price?

The GetGrass token is currently not live yet, however you can begin contributing to the network and farming points now:


GetGrass is generating buzz in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, with the GRASS token price being a hot topic of speculation amongst investors. While specific price details are yet to be announced, the growing interest and the network's robust features suggest a promising outlook for early adopters of the getgrass crypto. CoinScan is your #1 source for all the latest news, events, charting, and upcoming token launches. Below you will find our in-depth guide on what the getgrass token is and how you can earn grass coins in no time!

GetGrass Token Model

GetGrass operates on a decentralized oracle network, rewarding users with GRASS tokens for sharing their devices’ unused bandwidth and storage. This Proof of Connectivity consensus mechanism ensures reliable and scalable data validation across the network. 

The GetGrass token currently does not have a launch price or set price, however on some aftermarket applications, we’ve seen the points already being pre traded and speculated on, which is a great sign for the growing popularity and demand for the token. 

What is GetGrass?

GetGrass is more than just a cryptocurrency project; it's a groundbreaking platform where blockchain meets real-world data. By leveraging the unused bandwidth resources of its community members, GetGrass aims to create a self-sustaining ecosystem that provides accurate and decentralized data for various A.I. based applications and private companies.

GetGrass also aims to become the first ever Layer 2 scaling solution for the popular blockchain Solana (SOL), claiming it will process 1 million transactions per second. This coupled with the A.I. data it gathers from user-lent bandwidth, poses a very powerful combination that would make the grass network very prominent in the crypto industry.

How Does GetGrass Work?

To participate in the GetGrass network, users download the app and start mining GRASS tokens. This process contributes to the network's data validation and A.I. training consensus, with miners rewarded for their contributions, effectively turning unused digital resources into potential income for users who keep the app connected to their computers. Once the user is connected to the application, there is nothing more to do except just go about your normal computer usage and you will automatically farm grass points, and eventually getgrass coin, passively for as long as your computer remains online connected to the internet and the getgrass application connected.

How to Install and Farm Grass Points?

How to get started farming free $GRASS tokens:

  • Create a getgrass account from the main website.

  • Download and install the extension from the Chrome Web Store after you sign up.

  • Make sure the browser extension is turned on and shows that you are connected to the grass network.

  • Start earning Grass Points as you browse the web normally. *It is advised to leave your computer on even when not in use to maximize the amount of grass tokens you earn per day! *


GetGrass hasn’t officially announced promotions or airdrops yet, but given their proactive approach and community engagement, potential future incentives for early and active participants are highly anticipated alongside a potential getgrass token airdrop.

There are however rewards for referring and referred users! Users who are referred will earn 5,000 points once they hit 100 hours of uptime on the getgrass network. So make sure once you have signed up that you refer others to boost the network’s strength and your own rewards! 


GetGrass has established significant partnerships with industry giants like Polychain Capital, Solana Saga, and Chainlink, enhancing its credibility and operational capacity in the blockchain ecosystem. There is no doubt that they have strong connections and will continue to form strategic partnerships in the future as they scale more and more.

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