HELLO Labs and Moby Media Dive into Web3 Partnership to Amplify "Killer Whales"

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In a groundbreaking move, HELLO Labs, the trailblazing production company behind the Hollywood-quality TV series "Killer Whales", has announced a strategic partnership with the renowned Web3 media authority, Moby Media. This collaboration marks a significant step towards bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3, aiming to propel global awareness of HELLO Labs, the revolutionary "Killer Whales" series, and the associated $HELLO token.

Led by Hollywood Producer Paul Caslin and Entertainment & Marketing veteran Sander Gortjes, HELLO Labs has been dedicated to creating premium Web3 entertainment. "Killer Whales", their latest TV series, is poised to usher in a new era of Web3 enthusiasts through its commitment to transparency, industry expertise, and captivating storytelling.

Strategic Media Partnership with Moby Media

Moby Media, recognized for its extensive reach and expertise in Web3 media, joins forces with HELLO Labs as the official media partner for "Killer Whales". With their expansive network, especially through X Spaces, Moby Media is well-positioned to amplify the narrative and visibility of these groundbreaking projects.

Moby Media, leveraging their comprehensive understanding of Web3 and vast community on X (Twitter), is set to extensively cover HELLO Labs, "Killer Whales", and the $HELLO token across various platforms. This includes dedicated spaces for project features, general promotion, and episode coverage. Moby Media will also have access to project participants to engage the community and shed light on their involvement.

Enthusiastic Statements

Sander Gortjes, Executive Producer at HELLO Labs, expresses excitement about the partnership, stating:

We are thrilled to partner with Moby Media to elevate awareness about HELLO Labs, 'Killer Whales,' and the $HELLO token. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to bring quality Web3 projects to the forefront and make Web3 accessible globally.

Noah from Moby Media echoes this sentiment, stating:

I'm honored to team up with HELLO Labs and the 'Killer Whales' to drive Web3 mass adoption forward. At Moby Media, we believe education and awareness are critical catalysts for achieving this goal.

About HELLO Labs and Moby Media

HELLO Labs, founded by Hollywood Producer Paul Caslin, is dedicated to creating premium Web3 entertainment with a focus on transparency and factual reporting. On the other hand, Moby Media is an authority on emerging tech, covering FinTech, Web3, AI, and Gaming, with a mission to educate and spread awareness. As the official media partner, Moby Media is set to play a pivotal role in amplifying the narrative and visibility of HELLO Labs and the "Killer Whales".


In conclusion, this strategic partnership between HELLO Labs and Moby Media represents a significant development in the Web3 entertainment landscape. With the combined expertise of these two industry leaders, there is a strong potential for increased global awareness and adoption of Web3 technologies. The positive sentiments expressed by key figures from both organizations further underscore the collaborative spirit that will drive the success of this partnership. As Web3 continues to evolve, initiatives like these will likely shape the future of entertainment and media.

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