Partner Spotlight: GoPlus

GoPlus, crypto’s user-driven security infrastructure

Offering analytics across 4.19M tokens and 19 public blockchains, GoPlus has made a name for themselves as “ the security infrastructure for web3 by providing open, permissionless, user-driven security services.”

Anyone who’s seasoned in the DeFi and broader crypto markets knows just how risky investing can get. From infamous scams like SquidGrow and Terra Luna to the collapse of FTX, it’s no surprise that the retail sentiment around crypto has turned sour. What’s important to note however is that 99% of the time, DeFi tokens designed to scam can be detected far before you fall a victim.

GoPlus metrics that ensure crypto safety

  • Token Security API: This API provides real-time, dynamic, and automated security detection for tokens. It covers a wide range of risks, including anti-whale, honeypot, and rug pull risks.

  • Malicious Address API: This API provides a list of known malicious addresses that users can avoid interacting with.

  • NFT Security API: This API detects counterfeit NFTs and wash trading activity.

  • Approval Security API: This API helps users understand the risks involved in approving apps to spend their tokens.

  • dApp Security Info API: This API aggregates security information for dApps, so that users can make informed decisions before using them.

  • Signature Data Decode API: This API decodes ABI data and finds abnormalities in time.

Clearly defined in the list of security services GoPlus offers, nearly every DeFi application can be analyzed via platforms that integrate GoPlus’s API suite, granting them an impressive list of partners such as the BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, and recently, CoinScan!

CoinScan’s integration with GoPlus

With GoPlus offering crypto’s security infrastructure via APIs, and CoinScan pushing the infrastructure to the forefront of crypto users, the CoinScan and GoPlus integration is fruitful, to say the least. Now, you can access GoPlus’s data directly in CoinScan token page view.

Thanks to this new integration, you can check nearly all key functions and features of a token to ensure safety in your crypto endeavors.

GoPlus offers an impressive amount of analytics, here are some to pay attention to and what exactly they mean

  • Whitelist: If a token has a whitelist function, then the creator of the token can delegate certain wallets permissions to interact with the token in a different way than the public. Commonly, whitelisted wallets will have no tax, max transaction, or max wallet applied to them, while all other wallets follow those restrictions.

  • Tax Modifiable: Tax modifiable refers to the token creator's ability to change the token taxes in real-time. While this isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes it can be used to ‘honeypot’ tokens after they’re already live

  • Honeypot: The term honeypot in crypto refers to when you can buy, but not sell a token. When you see that a token is a honeypot, you know to stay away from this common scam technique as you will not be able to exit your position.

To find definitions of more terms used in the GoPlus security tab, make sure to check out the CoinScan glossary to get up to speed!

Here at CoinScan, we’re always thrilled to work with like-minded people and projects in the space. GoPlus provides an exceptional service and shares many of the same values we do at CoinScan, that crypto should be safe, accessible, and easy to understand for everyone. This is how we change the sentiment, and how we onboard the next billion users.

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