Tabi Chain: Token Price, Launch Date, Token and Testnet Guide

Looking for Tabi Chain ($TABI) Token Price?

Tabi Chain is gaining attention in the cryptocurrency community with its innovative approach and the recent launch of its testnet. As excitement builds, many are keen to learn about the $TABI token's pricing and how to get involved, especially with potential airdrops on the horizon.

Tabi Chain ($TABI) Model

Tabi Chain integrates the Cosmos SDK with the CometBFT consensus engine to create a scalable, EVM-compatible blockchain. This unique combination promises fast finality and high transaction throughput, making it an attractive option for Ethereum ecosystem projects seeking interoperability and efficiency.

What is Tabi Chain?

Tabi Chain stands as a groundbreaking blockchain platform, uniquely designed to transform the landscape of blockchain gaming. Embedded within the Cosmos ecosystem, it promotes seamless integration with existing infrastructures, enhancing accessibility and establishing new benchmarks for the gaming sector.

This innovative platform not only simplifies the adoption of blockchain technology in gaming but also aims to solve common challenges faced by developers and players alike, setting Tabi Chain apart as a leader in fostering the future of gaming on the blockchain.

How Does Tabi Chain Work?

Tabi Chain leverages a unique modular architecture, designed to enhance scalability and interoperability within the blockchain gaming universe. As a Layer-1 blockchain, it operates at the foundational level, providing the infrastructure necessary for building and running decentralized applications (dApps), with a specific focus on gaming.

  • Modular Design: This allows for customizable solutions that can meet the specific needs of game developers and players, enhancing the gaming experience by reducing latency, improving transaction speeds, and lowering costs.

  • Interoperability: By being part of the Cosmos ecosystem, Tabi Chain can interact seamlessly with other blockchains in the network. This interoperability is crucial for creating expansive, cross-platform gaming experiences and for facilitating asset transfers across different gaming environments.

  • EVM Support: The integration of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) enables developers to create and deploy smart contracts easily, making the platform accessible to a wide range of developers, including those familiar with Ethereum's programming model.

  • Focus on Gaming: Tabi Chain is tailored to address the specific demands of blockchain gaming, such as the need for high transaction throughput, low fees, and a robust support system for NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), which are essential for in-game assets and collectibles.

Through these features, Tabi Chain aims to provide a comprehensive solution that supports the development, deployment, and smooth operation of blockchain-based games, contributing to the growth and accessibility of the blockchain gaming sector.


While Tabi Chain is in its early stages, the testnet launch has sparked excitement about possible airdrops, encouraging early participation and engagement with the platform.

Tabi Chain engages users through a dynamic and interactive ecosystem, beginning with the acquisition of the Original Account Token (OAT) via its Galxe quest page. This step is crucial, as it integrates users into the Tabi Chain network, further enhanced by adding the Tabi Chain testnet to their wallets for seamless transactions and ecosystem interaction.

The journey within Tabi Chain is marked by a series of social and networking tasks, each designed to deepen user engagement and foster a sense of community. These activities not only facilitate a richer integration into the Tabi Chain ecosystem but also promote an active, participatory environment crucial for the platform's vibrancy and growth.


Tabi Chain has secured $11 million in financing, prominently featuring Binance Labs among its investors, and is supported by Animoca Brands, Hashkey, and several other prominent venture capitalists. This underscores not only Tabi Chain's technological promise but also aligns it with influential names in the crypto space, paving the way for future growth and collaboration.

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