Tap Swap Ultimate User Guide and Token information

Looking for TapSwap Token Price?

TapSwap is gaining a lot of interest and anticipation for its token "TAPS" which will be released soon. You can start earning tokens on their app before it launches! As the cryptocurrency landscape evolves, many are eagerly watching TapSwap, especially for the price of its native token, TAPS. While specific pricing details are yet to be announced, the buzz around TapSwap suggests significant potential, driven by its unique features and strategic position on the Solana blockchain.

TapSwap Token Model

TapSwap's tokenomics revolve around the TAPS token, with a total supply of 1 billion. The distribution is thoughtfully structured to support the ecosystem’s long-term success:

  • Community Distribution 50% 500 million TAPS allocated to active community members who provide liquidity, trade, and engage with the platform.

  • Treasury 30% 300 million TAPS is reserved for platform development, funding innovative projects, and marketing.

  • Team 10% 100 million TAPS for the development team and founders, locked and released over four years to ensure alignment with community interests.

  • Advisors, Marketing, and Liquidity 10% 100 million TAPS to support advisory roles, marketing efforts, and liquidity enhancement.

This structure is designed to incentivize participation, reward users, and ensure sustainable growth of the TapSwap platform.

What is TapSwap?

TapSwap is a DeFi platform on the Solana blockchain, offering low transaction fees and high throughput. It's not just a trading platform but a complete ecosystem where users can mine, stake, and participate in governance, shaping the platform’s future.

How does TapSwap Work?

TapSwap integrates various features like a Telegram bot for token mining, staking rewards, and decentralized governance, allowing token holders to participate in profit distribution and decision-making processes.


Details about specific promotions are forthcoming, but TapSwap plans to engage users through activities like airdrops, mining incentives, and other rewards to foster a vibrant community. In the meantime, a standard referral bonus is available to all users who sign up through our referral link


TapSwap aims to forge strategic partnerships within the crypto and DeFi sectors to enhance its ecosystem, benefiting token holders and contributing to the platform's growth.

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