WeatherXM Surpasses 1.5 Million Station-Days, Gears Up for Mainnet Rewards

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In a groundbreaking achievement, the WeatherXM network, a rising star in the weather data arena, has recently celebrated surpassing an impressive milestone of over 1.5 million station-days of operation. This feat marks a pivotal moment for the decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) project, highlighting its rapid growth and impact on global weather data accessibility.

Launched less than two years ago, WeatherXM has quickly become a force to be reckoned with, deploying over 4,000 stations across 80 countries. This puts it in direct competition with established networks built by national and international organizations over decades. The network's low-cost, easy-to-install, and solar-powered stations, priced at $400 each, are designed for large-scale deployments and support multiple communication protocols, including WiFi, LoRaWAN/Helium, and 4G cellular, making them accessible to individual network contributors.

Web3-Native Weather Data for a Global Impact

What sets WeatherXM apart is its commitment to Web3-native features, where each station incorporates a secure element for cryptographically verifiable data provenance. This not only ensures data integrity but also opens up exciting new possibilities, such as on-chain parametric weather insurance. With over one-third of the global economy relying on accurate weather data, WeatherXM empowers industries like agriculture, energy, tourism, and transportation with real-time, reliable weather information boasting hyper-local accuracy.

Mainnet Rewards and the Future of WeatherXM

As WeatherXM gears up for the official mainnet launch of rewards, anticipation is building within the community. During the beta phase, station owners were already reaping daily rewards in $WXM, the network's native token, on the Arbitrum Sepolia testnet. The imminent mainnet launch promises a 3 million $WXM pool distributed retroactively to beta testers. Leveraging Filecoin and decentralized compute technologies, WeatherXM calculates network data quality, contributing to a fair and transparent network economy and advancing its goal of becoming a native weather oracle.

Founded by a team of experienced engineers and backed by renowned investors, WeatherXM stands at the intersection of web3, IoT, and machine learning, revolutionizing weather data collection. The team's mission is clear – to positively impact the planet and millions of lives by providing accurate, accessible weather information.

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