WisdomTree Cuts Fees on Europe's Most Affordable Physically-Backed Bitcoin ETP

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In a strategic move aimed at attracting European investors to the world of Bitcoin, WisdomTree has announced a significant reduction in fees for its flagship physically-backed exchange-traded product (ETP).

The Management Expense Ratio (MER) for the WisdomTree Physical Bitcoin ETP is set to plummet from 0.95% to a mere 0.35%, effective Monday, January 22nd. This bold step positions WisdomTree as the most cost-effective option in Europe for investors seeking direct exposure to Bitcoin, free from the complexities and risks associated with crypto lending.

In addition to the fee cut for its leading Bitcoin ETP, WisdomTree is undertaking a comprehensive repricing strategy across its entire crypto ETP range. Already recognized as one of the most competitively priced offerings in Europe, the new MERs for the complete lineup will come into effect simultaneously with the reduced fee for the Physical Bitcoin ETP.

Pioneering Institutional-Grade Access to Bitcoin Since 2019

WisdomTree has been at the forefront of providing European investors with institutional-grade access to Bitcoin since December 2019. The launch of the Physical Bitcoin ETP marked the beginning of their journey, and today, the company boasts a diverse portfolio of eight physically-backed crypto ETPs listed on major European exchanges. This expansive range ensures investors have convenient access to the crypto market within the familiar structure of an ETP.

Expressing their commitment to democratizing access to the crypto market, WisdomTree's Head of Digital Assets stated, "We're committed to making it easier and more affordable for European investors to participate in the exciting world of crypto".

The reduction in fees for the Physical Bitcoin ETP is seen as a major stride in this direction, reinforcing WisdomTree's position as the leading provider of physically-backed crypto ETPs in Europe.

Enthusiasm Among European Investors: Overcoming Barriers to Entry

The fee reduction is expected to garner enthusiasm from European investors, many of whom have been cautious about entering the crypto market due to concerns about high fees and complex investment vehicles.

By offering a familiar and cost-effective pathway to gain exposure to Bitcoin, WisdomTree is effectively opening doors for a broader spectrum of European investors to engage with this rapidly growing asset class.

Key Takeaways:

  • WisdomTree's Physical Bitcoin ETP becomes the most affordable option in Europe with fees slashed to 0.35%.

  • A comprehensive repricing strategy extends across WisdomTree's entire crypto ETP range.

  • WisdomTree continues its leadership in providing institutional-grade access to Bitcoin in Europe.

  • The move aims to make crypto more accessible and affordable, targeting a wider range of European investors.

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