What is an ERC-948?

The meaning of ERC-948 refers to a proposed Ethereum Request for Comment (ERC) aimed at standardizing recurring subscription payments on the Ethereum blockchain. Its core mission centers on revolutionizing the landscape of recurring payments using Ethereum-based cryptocurrency.

This ERC's core objective is to establish a unified framework for managing and executing recurrent payments on Ethereum. Its specifications cover vital elements such as authorization protocols, representation standards, and secure transfer mechanisms tailored explicitly for recurring payments. By defining these standards, ERC-948 strives to enhance interoperability across various wallets, exchanges, and financial applications involved in managing recurring payments. This standardized approach empowers developers to craft more seamless and efficient solutions within the Ethereum ecosystem.

By setting precise standards and specifications, ERC-948 aims to alleviate friction points in executing recurring payments, ensuring a more streamlined and dependable experience for users. The guidelines it presents play a pivotal role in fostering a smoother and standardized environment for conducting recurrent transactions within Ethereum-based applications and platforms.

In essence, ERC-948 represents a significant stride in the realm of Ethereum's recurring subscription payments. Its focus on refining protocols and bolstering interoperability underscores its commitment to creating a more accessible and seamless experience, fueling innovation within the realm of recurring transactions on the blockchain.

Simplified Example

Think of ERC-948 as a playbook for a game. Just as game rules ensure a level playing field and enjoyable gameplay, ERC-948 safeguards the fair and efficient utilization of recurring payments on the Ethereum blockchain, resembling virtual tokens. Like game rules set the stage for consistent play, ERC-948 maintains uniformity in handling and using these recurring payments across various platforms.

Much like how gaming rules ensure a fair game for all, ERC-948 champions equal access to using and trading these recurring payments securely. It ensures the safety of 'wallets,' similar to digital piggy banks, and guarantees everyone's easy access to their virtual funds. In essence, ERC-948 serves as a comprehensive rulebook, guaranteeing fairness, efficiency, and safety in managing recurring transactions within the Ethereum blockchain, benefiting all participants in the game of transactions.

Who Invented the ERC-948

Kevin Owocki introduced the groundbreaking Ethereum Request for Comment (ERC) known as ERC-948 in 2021. This innovative proposal outlines a standardized blueprint for recurring subscription payments operating on the Ethereum blockchain. Owocki's vision for ERC-948 is to reimagine the relationship between businesses and customers, providing a seamless framework for recurring payments using Ethereum-based cryptocurrency.

Under Owocki's guidance, ERC-948 is shaping up to redefine the dynamics of recurrent transactions. It introduces pivotal features enabling subscribers to authorize recurring payments effortlessly while offering businesses an automated system for collecting payments. Beyond its technical structure, Owocki's ERC also embeds a robust dispute resolution mechanism, fostering transparency and trust within these recurring payment interactions. As this Ethereum standard gains momentum within the community, Owocki's visionary proposal holds the promise of transforming how businesses engage in recurrent payments, potentially influencing the broader landscape of financial transactions.


Subscription-Based Services: ERC-948 can facilitate subscription-based services by establishing a standardized mechanism for recurring payments on the Ethereum blockchain. For instance, various digital services like streaming platforms, software subscriptions, or membership-based sites can utilize ERC-948 to create tokens representing subscription plans. These tokens can automate periodic payments, ensuring seamless subscription renewals while maintaining a transparent record of subscription history.

Membership and Loyalty Programs: ERC-948's standardization can revolutionize membership and loyalty programs. Tokens can represent memberships or loyalty points for various businesses or services. These tokens can automate the accrual, redemption, and tracking of loyalty rewards, enhancing user experience, and ensuring transparent management of loyalty programs.

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