What is a Fan Token?

A fan token is a digital asset issued on a blockchain network, typically as part of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). It is used to reward fans for their involvement in the brand and give them exclusive access to various activities, such as voting on club decisions or purchasing discounted merchandise. Fan tokens are designed to create engagement and interaction between users, allowing them to benefit from increased user loyalty. They also offer brands an alternative way of monetizing their community through microtransactions and incentivizing content creation. Additionally, these tokens can be used within tokenized ecosystems, where users can make payments and receive rewards across different sports clubs or platforms. The value of fan tokens fluctuates much like any other cryptocurrency in relation to the demand and supply at any given time. As such, fan tokens are seen as a potential game changer for the sports industry, providing fans with more influence over their favorite teams or leagues and creating an entirely new form of engagement between fans and organizations.

Many major sport teams, leagues, athletes and celebrities have already embraced fan tokens to reward their loyal followers and create unique ways to engage with them. For example, FC Barcelona has issued ‘Barça Fan Tokens’ which give users access to exclusive content, experiences and rewards including voting rights in club decisions. Similarly, Juventus launched ‘Juventus Official Fan Token’ that allows its users to participate in various activities related to the team’s decision making process such as selecting the man of the match. These fan tokens also allow users to access exclusive VIP experiences such as matchday live streaming, player Q&As and special merchandise discount.

Overall, fan tokens represent a new digital asset class for sports enthusiasts and can be potentially used to revolutionize the way fans interact with their favorite team or league. They are an effective way of increasing user engagement while providing additional revenue sources for brands. With the potential of becoming a global phenomenon, fan tokens may very well become the future of sports fandom.

Simplified Example

Cryptocurrency fan tokens are like special collector's cards that you can buy and trade. Just like how there are different collector's cards for different sports teams or cartoon characters, there are different fan tokens for different sports teams, musicians, and even internet celebrities. These fan tokens are special because they are based on a new technology called blockchain, which is like a special kind of digital notebook that keeps track of who owns each token. Just like you can trade collector's cards with your friends, you can also trade fan tokens with other people who are interested in the same team or celebrity.

Who Invented the Fan Token?

The term "fan token" was developed by Chiliz, a blockchain fintech company that specializes in sports and entertainment. Chiliz is the creator of the Chiliz (CHZ) token and the fan engagement platform.

The term "fan token" is used to describe a type of cryptocurrency that is created by a sports team, music artist, or other organization to give fans a way to engage with the organization and earn rewards. Fan tokens can be used to vote on team decisions, such as what kit to wear or what song to play at a game. They can also be used to purchase exclusive merchandise or experiences, such as VIP access to a meet-and-greet.


Chiliz (CHZ) - This fan token, launched in 2020, is used on the popular blockchain-based sports and entertainment platform Chiliz tokens are collected by fans of some of the world’s biggest sports teams, who use them to access exclusive rewards such as VIP experiences, merchandise discounts and more.

Juventus Fan Tokens (JUV) – This token was issued by Italian soccer club Juventus F.C., making it one of the first football clubs to launch a fan token offering in 2019. The JUV tokens allow supporters to take part in polls and surveys related to club decisions and have access to exclusive content from the team players and staff.

Barcelona Fan Tokens (BAR) - In June 2020, Spanish soccer team F.C. Barcelona also launched their own fan token offering which allows Barca fans to participate in polls and surveys as well as access exclusive content from the club’s players, coaches and staff members. The BAR tokens are also used to purchase merchandise discounts and experiences with the team.

  • Blockchain: A decentralized, digital ledger that records transactions across a network of computers.

  • Digital Asset Ecosystem: The interconnected set of technologies, platforms, and stakeholders involved in the creation, distribution, exchange, and management of digital assets.