What is an Initial Game Offering (IGO)?

Cryptocurrency has made gaming more accessible and secure by introducing blockchain-based games. These new games offer a variety of digital assets that are tradable in the form of tokens, coins, or other virtual items. Players can use these assets to purchase items in the game, trade with other players, or even earn rewards for playing.

One example is CryptoKitties, which was one of the first cryptocurrency-based games released to market. This platform allows users to purchase and breed virtual cats using Ethereum’s ERC-721 standard. Each cat is unique and contains its own set of attributes that determine its value and rarity. The game also provides ownership records for each individual kitty so players can easily track their investment.

Cryptocurrency games offer a variety of attractive features that have made them popular among gamers, including low transaction fees and quick confirmation times. Blockchain-based games are also more secure than traditional ones, as they are encrypted and distributed across multiple nodes in the network. This means that players can be sure their gaming assets are safe from hackers or other malicious actors.

Overall, cryptocurrency has been a game-changer for the gaming industry by introducing new ways for players to monetize their skills and interact with each other. As these platforms continue to evolve, we can expect to see even more innovative offerings coming soon!

Simplified Example

An Initial Game Offering (IGO) is a way for a game developer or company to raise money by selling digital tokens, like virtual coins, that can be used in a specific game or gaming platform.

A game is like a toy that you can play with, and an IGO is like buying special toy money that you can use to buy items, upgrades, or access to special features in a game.

Imagine you have a toy box with different types of toys and you want to buy some new toys to add to it. So, you go to a toy store and you find a new game that you really like, but to play it, you need to buy some special toy money called tokens. You can use those tokens to buy items, upgrades or access to special features in the game. An IGO is similar, but instead of buying toys, you are buying digital tokens that can be used in a specific game or gaming platform.

History of the Term "Initial Game Offering (IGO)"

While the originator of the term "Initial Game Offering (IGO)" remains unclear, it is believed to have surfaced in the domain of blockchain gaming circa 2019. During the nascent stages of blockchain gaming, numerous projects turned to initial coin offerings (ICOs) for fundraising, yet these faced criticism for their perceived lack of regulation and transparency. Seeking alternatives, some projects embraced the concept of an initial game offering (IGO). Functioning as a form of crowdfunding, an IGO enables blockchain game projects to directly sell their in-game tokens or assets to players. This approach appeals to investors as it offers early involvement in the project and exclusive access to in-game items, presenting a more enticing option than traditional ICOs.


NFT-based Game: An Initial Game Offering (IGO) can involve the sale of unique, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent in-game items or assets. In an NFT-based game, players can purchase, trade, and use their NFTs to interact with the game world and other players. The IGO can involve the sale of limited edition NFTs or special in-game items, which can provide early access or exclusive benefits to players. This type of IGO is used to raise funds for game development and to create a strong community of players and investors.

Play-to-Earn Model: In a play-to-earn model, players can earn rewards through their interactions with the game. The IGO can involve the sale of special in-game items or access to exclusive game features, which can provide players with a head start or additional benefits. The play-to-earn model is used to create a more engaging and rewarding gaming experience, while also generating returns for investors.

Gaming Platform: An IGO can also involve the sale of tokens that represent ownership in a gaming platform, such as a decentralized gaming platform. The platform can offer a variety of games, as well as other features and services, such as in-game purchases, social networking, and more. The IGO can involve the sale of tokens that represent ownership in the platform, and the tokens can be used to access platform benefits and generate returns for investors. This type of IGO is used to raise funds for platform development and to create a strong community of players and investors.

  • Blockchain: A decentralized, digital ledger that records transactions across a network of computers.

  • Game channel: A type of payment channel used in blockchain technology to facilitate instant and secure transactions between two parties in a game.