What are Laser Eyes?

Laser eyes is a phrase commonly used in the cryptocurrency space. It refers to the idea that when bitcoin reaches a certain price level, everyone will start paying attention and buying in – just like when one shines a laser pointer into the night sky, all eyes seem to follow it. This term has become so ubiquitous because of its accuracy: Bitcoin's historic bull runs have been fuelled by surges of public interest, as more people realize the potential of this revolutionary technology.

The reason why laser eyes is such an effective representation for Bitcoin's progress is because it demonstrates how quickly the crypto asset can go from relative obscurity to global headlines with just one positive move. When Bitcoin rises and falls sharply in a short period of time, it becomes difficult to ignore the potential of this technology. Laser eyes is a reminder that any price movement could be the start of something big for Bitcoin, and that investors should take note when it appears to be taking off.

For anyone who wants to get involved with Bitcoin in some capacity, Laser Eyes is an important phrase to remember. It's a sign that there may be a great opportunity ahead, and one should not miss out on the chance for financial gain as prices soar. Knowing what to look for – and being prepared to act quickly – can result in major profits over time. Keep your eyes peeled for laser eyes moments; they could lead you to incredible success!

Simplified Example

Laser eyes is a term that is used to describe when a person or group of people believe that the value of a certain cryptocurrency will go up a lot in the future. It's like when you see an item that you really want and you are confident that it's going to be very popular and valuable in the future. You might say "I have laser eyes for that item" meaning that you can see how valuable it will be in the future. Similarly, when someone says "I have laser eyes for this cryptocurrency" it means that they believe it will be very valuable in the future and they are confident in that prediction.

History of the Term "Laser Eyes"

The precise origin of the laser eyes meme in the crypto sphere is uncertain, but it is thought to have surfaced in early February 2021. The meme commonly showcases a profile picture or avatar adorned with laser eyes, serving as a symbol of the holder's steadfast confidence and endorsement of the long-term potential of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.


A popular laser eye meme features a person wearing black sunglasses and pointing lasers from their eyes. This meme often jokes about having superhuman powers or the ability to shoot laser beams from one's eyes. Its popularity has been attributed to its humorous depiction of an outrageous idea and its relatability for those who wear sunglasses regularly.

Another popular laser eye meme shows a character with glowing red eyes, referencing movies like Star Wars or Transformers where characters have special abilities related to their eye color. This meme is often used to joke about the power of being able to see through walls, activate robots, or other supernatural abilities associated with this type of vision.

A third popular laser eye meme shows someone staring directly into a camera with lasers shooting from their eyes. This meme is often used to joke about the power of being able to intimidate people with a single glance or being able to shoot laser beams from one's eyes at any time. It is also often used to poke fun at the idea of someone having such an extraordinary ability.

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