What is a Virgin Bitcoin?

Virgin Bitcoin (also referred to as "unspent bitcoin" or "UTXO") is a term used in cryptocurrency to describe coins that have not yet been sent from one address to another. It is the opposite of spent bitcoin, which has already been transferred to another wallet. Virgin Bitcoins are considered more secure and less prone to double-spending because they have not gone through any transactions on the blockchain yet. In contrast, spent bitcoins require several confirmations for security reasons before being confirmed as valid by miners on the network. Virgin Bitcoins are also preferred when making large purchases since it allows buyers to verify their transaction with fewer confirmations than spending an existing UTXO which may contain change from multiple previous transactions.

Virgin Bitcoin is an important concept in cryptocurrency and helps keep the network secure. It is also a great way for new users to get started with cryptocurrency without having to worry about double-spending or other security issues. By ensuring that only virgin coins are used in transactions, the network remains safe and secure for all users.

As a result of its importance, many exchanges and wallet services require customers to use virgin Bitcoin when making purchases and transfers. This ensures that the customer is not trying to use a UTXO which may contain change from multiple previous transactions, as this could lead to double-spending or confusion over ownership of the funds. Additionally, some online services such as cold storage wallets will allow customers to store virgin Bitcoin for added security.

History of the Term "Virgin Bitcoin"

The term "virgin bitcoin" is thought to have emerged in the early 2010s during online discussions within the cryptocurrency community. It is employed to denote a bitcoin that has never undergone any previous spending or transfer transactions.

Simplified Example

A virgin bitcoin is like a new toy that has never been opened or played with. Just like a new toy that is still in its original packaging and has never been played with, a virgin bitcoin is a bitcoin that has never been used or spent. It's like a brand new coin, it has not been moved or transferred since it was created on the blockchain.


Unspent Bitcoins from the Genesis Block: The Genesis Block is the first block in the Bitcoin blockchain, and the bitcoins mined from this block are considered to be "virgin" bitcoins as they have never been spent or transferred.

New bitcoins generated from mining: New bitcoins that are generated through the process of mining are also considered to be virgin bitcoins, as they have not yet been spent or transferred.

Bitcoins purchased but not yet spent: Bitcoins that are purchased by an individual or entity but have not yet been spent or transferred can also be considered to be virgin bitcoins. These bitcoins have not yet been part of any transaction on the blockchain and are considered to be in their original, untouched state.

  • Cold Wallet: A physical device used for storing cryptocurrencies that is disconnected from the internet.

  • Double Spending: A potential issue in cryptocurrency transactions, where a single token or coin is spent more than once.