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What is


Hobbes is a DeFi token on the Base blockchain. Hobbes has that have done since launch with current liquidity pool of $11,169. The token has been around for 14 days.


Price Now

Hobbes Token price now is $0.00002196 with a 24h volume of $193. Hobbes is down -1.76% in the last 24h. Hobbes Market Cap is $21,794.

Where to trade Hobbes

You can purchase this token above through any of our recommended swaps. Currently this token is trading on null

Hobbes Token Address

The token address of Hobbes is 0x7934998be48dcaa259e238b975ac4c605c85568a

Lowest price of Hobbes

Lowest price of Hobbes in the last 24 hours was $0.

Highest price of Hobbes

Highest price of Hobbes in the last 24 hours was $0.