BlastUP Token Launch: A PreSale Guide

What is BlastUP?

BlastUP is pioneering the launchpad platform space within the Blast blockchain ecosystem, focusing on facilitating capital raising for early-stage projects in a decentralized, secure, and user-friendly manner. The platform's mission, "Grow faster, earn more," reflects its commitment to accelerating project development and offering profitable opportunities for its participants​​.

Looking for the BlastUP Token price?

As of now, BlastUP hasn't officially launched its much-anticipated token, $BLP. However, as this article goes live, the presale has progressed to its 5th stage, offering $BLP tokens at a price of $0.055 each.

We'll dive into the mechanisms of the BlastUP platform, including how it integrates with the Blast blockchain, the benefits of participating in the token presale, and all the essential knowledge you need to kickstart your journey with BlastUP.

Step-by-Step Guide to the BlastUP Token Presale

  • Visit the BastUP website and connect your wallet.

  • Select the payment method. The network and cryptocurrency options available are: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and even Bank Card (via Polygon).


Holding BLP tokens from BlastUP grants access to an array of exclusive privileges that enhance their engagement in the platform's ecosystem. Benefits available to token holders include:

  • Access to priority IDO events

  • Attractive staking incentives

  • A buyback strategy powered by profits from project launches

In addition, BlastUP is committed to fortifying the ties within its community by rewarding early users of Blast, those who participate in the BLP token presale, and individuals contributing to the Community Incentives scheme with complimentary tokens via airdrops.


The BlastUP token presale offers a unique entry point into the DeFi space, particularly for those interested in launchpad platforms and early-stage investment opportunities. By following this guide, conducting thorough research, and engaging actively with the community, participants can navigate the presale process effectively and make informed decisions about their involvement in the BlastUP project.

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