Welcome to CoinScan

Welcome to CoinScan, the future of layer 1 and 2 analytics

Introducing CoinScan, a charting solution designed to level the playing field for all users. In recent years, the cryptocurrency space has witnessed an influx of scams, unfair advantages, exploits, and other malicious activities aimed at siphoning funds from unsuspecting individuals.

Drawing upon our unique experience in both the cryptocurrency and high-tech sectors, the CoinScan team has undertaken a mission to combat this issue. We are committed to creating a more equitable, secure, and promising environment for everyone.

CoinScan represents the realization of this vision, offering the most advanced cryptocurrency charting platform to date. Supporting over 20 international currencies and 18 languages, CoinScan embodies our commitment to innovation, education, and the elevation of the decentralized finance community.

Backed by the best in the business

CryptoHub LTD, parent company of the platform, just finalized a $6.3 million fundraise to both increase our firepower and onboard strategic partners that will play a key role in CoinScan’s mission. This news is featured in CoinDesk, CoinMarketCap, Binance, and many other publishers.

  • Shalom Meckenzie: Largest individual shareholder in DraftKings (DKNG)

  • Mor Weizer: CEO of gambling software development company Playtech (PTEC)

  • Tectona (TECT): Publicly traded digital asset trading and investment firm

  • iAngels: Venture capital and investment platform

  • Yariv Gilat: Chairman of the board at Tectona

  • Shy Datika: Founder & CEO of INX, founder of ILS brokers.

The CoinScan advantage

CoinScan is the one-stop shop for traders across the crypto-verse. Whether you want to just view charts for layer 1 cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH, or you want to dive into the endless black hole of DeFi, CoinScan has all the tools you need to diligently navigate crypto, safely.

Some of our user's favorite features are,

Pending Transactions

What if you could see incoming price action before it even happens?

Thanks to pending transactions, a feature that CoinScan pioneered almost 2 years ago, you’re able to see buys and sells that are in ‘limbo’ and have not yet been confirmed.

On a blockchain like Ethereum, the effects of this cannot be understated. By utilizing a faster GWEI value than the target transaction, you can leverage this technology and front-run transactions, ensuring that your transaction executes before the target transaction! The advantage of this level of clairvoyance is unprecedented and is certainly the community’s favorite feature.

Holder Analytics

The price action of all tokens depends on the behavior of its holders.

Therefore, being able to truly analyze holder activity and token distribution is a key pillar to doing proper due diligence in the cryptocurrency market.

With CoinScan’s holder analysis tool, you’re able to see how many wallets hold a token, the distribution amongst those holders, sort by percentage held, and dive even deeper into wallet behavior when needed.

CoinScan sorts wallet holdings by the following;

  • Kraken: 2% and higher

  • Whale: 1% - 2%

  • Shark: 0.5% - 1%

  • Dolphin: 0.2% -0.5%

  • Fish: 0.1% - 0.2%

  • Shrimp: 0% - 0.1%

Airdrop Analytics

Commonly used as a form of promotion or dispersion of private investments and OTC trades, an Airdrop is when a wallet is directly given tokens instead of purchasing them from a liquidity pool or exchange. While airdrops of all kinds are relatively common in the crypto world, they can also be used to scam investors.

With CoinScan’s airdrop analytics, you can rest assured that you will identify any and all wallets that received an airdrop of a token, and dive in deeper to find the precise implications and intentions.

Safety Checks

Tired of having to go through countless tools and tabs in order to check if a token is safe to buy? This is a common pain point for most crypto users both professional and novice.

Coinscan is raising the bar of token safety by including safety checks on every token page. Now users can monitor the safety of a token in real time without having to leave the chart, allowing for peace of mind and transparency among our users.

Monitor everything from honeypot status, token taxes, liquidity lock information, contract ownership status, and much more all updated in real-time!

Pair Explorer

Ever wonder how Shiba Inu was created, or how PEPE first started when it was launched? Well, every token starts off as a new liquidity pair. With Coinscan’s Pair Explorer page, users can now watch in real-time as new pairs are created throughout the day and monitor how they are performing on the market.

Who knows, you might even find the next PEPE while browsing it!

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